Saturday, June 9, 2007

Online Impact on Customer Loyalty

A survey conducted by Zoomerang in May, 2007was based on 333 respondents aged 18 or over and who shopped on line at least once in the last year. The study was conducted for WebCollage, a New York-based company tthat provides integration services to manufacturers and their retail partners.

The general finding found that 71% of the shoppers indicated they would be more likely to visit and purchase from a physical store of a retailer whose website they used for research and which provided the shopper with complete and up-to-date product information.

Some of the detailed findings of the study were:
1. 91% of the shoppers iindicated it was either "important" or "very important" for retailers to provide complete product information.
2. 44% of the shoppers believed the website did not have complete information on the products.
3. 33% of the shoppers believed the information on the website was out of date.
4. 37% of the shoppers said they would visit competitor's retail website to find the information they needed.
5. 55% of the shoppers said they would go directly to the manufacturer's website to get the information if they believed the retailer's information was inadequate.
6. 82% of the shoppers said they were more likely to return to retail websites that were able to provide complete and current information.

The bottom line is that shoppers are rewarding companies who keep their websites current and complete.

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