Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Employee Impact on Customer Loyalty

A recent study by Towers Perrin indicates the level of engagement of employees within their organizations. The statistics are frightening. Their study shows just 21% of the employees surveyed around the world are engaged in their work. Thestudy defines engaged as being willing to go the extra mile to help their companies succeed. 38% are considered partly to fully engaged. This suggests that 62% are not engaged. There has been much written about the impact of employee satisfaction and loyalty on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Some of the other findings (equally serious) are:
1. Only 38% of employees felt senior management communicates openly and honestly.
2. 44% agreed that senior management tries to be visible and accessible.
3. Just 10% indicated that senior managemnt treats us as if we're the most imporant part of the organization.
4. More than half felt that senior management treats us as if we don't matter.

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