Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Service is Important - Proven Once Again

American Express Global Customer Service Barometer provided some results from their latest survey conducted in the United States and eleven other countries. The findings are further verification that customer service REALLY is important and plays a critical role in the success of any company. Here is a list of the major findings of the report.

1. 61% of Americans will spend an average of 9% more when they believe a company provided excellent service.
2. 91% of Americans consider the level of customer service important when deciding to do business with a company.
3. 81% of consumers are more likely to give a company repeat business after a good service experience.
4. 52% of consumers will never do business with a company again after a poor experience.
5. The three most influential factors when deciding which companies they do business with include personal experience (98%), a company's reputation (92%),and recommendations from friends and family (88%).
6. 86% of consumers report they're willing to give a company a second chance after a bad experience if they've historically experienced great customer service with that company.

The bottom line is that the research continues to show that good customer service has a financial benefit. It is not rocket science to figure out how to provide excellent service. The Customer Institute believes that good customer service starts with the CEO/Chairman.


Order taking service said...

Customer service is really one of the key things to remember in business. Good customer service is essential for any business to survive in this competitive market and your relationship with your customers will make or break your business so focusing in customer service is really a must.

Phillip said...

You got interesting blog posts, Dr. Bleuel. Thank you very much, sir. Anyway, I agree with your points here. I experience contacting hotlines of products and services that I use. I must say, one factor why I stick to the brand is the way call center agents address my queries. It's very important to me that I talk to good employees/representatives of the company. It affects my loyalty to them. If I don't get the best solutions to my inquiries, I either have second thoughts on sticking to the product or I simply stop using it. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one.


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