Monday, August 8, 2011

Ethics and Loyalty

An English agency, "23red", has completed a survey of 1,000 adults. The results mirror previously reported connections between purchase intent and the ethical credentials of companies. Their findings include:

1. 91% of shoppers consider the approach of the business to the local community, the environment and its terms of operation before making a purchase decision.
2. 53% indicated that a significant contribution to charities would play a large part in whether a customer made a purchase or not.
3. 60% suggested that broader ethical concerns helped guide their behavior.
4. 53% also noted that they were influenced positively when they knew the company contributed a percentage of their profits to charity and good causes.

When the demographics are considered respondents under 30 years of age placed more importance on ethical values. Similarly, women also placed a higher value on ethical issues than men.

The bottom line, is that in order for ethical programs to have an impact on customers, they must work and be seen to work. These results are consistent with the blog of June 1st. With these consistent results there may be a sea change on the horizon concerning what customers are thinking when they consider making a purchase.

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