Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Singapore is Ranked #10

The international service ranking of Singapore is #10. However a recent study of 35,000 respondents disagree. The study was performed by Singapore Management University's Institute of Service Excellence found a drop in satisfaction in all eight sectors from finance to health care. The ranking began in 2005 when Singapore was ranked 17th by the World Economic Forum's global report. In 2006 the ranking fell to 26th and then rose to 15th in 2007 and 10th in 2008.

These rankings do not appear to be consistent with the university study which showed the following:
1. Tourism (hotels and accommodations) services was down 2.4 points from 71 out of 100.
2. Food and beverage sector was down 2.3 points to 65.4.

These results do not track the a separate survey by Singapore Retailers Association that uses a mystery shopper program and measures 155 retail companies. These results showed average scores increased to 73.61 from 70.87 as compared to the national customer satisfaction index which rated the retail sector at 68.2 out of 100, down 0.4 points.

The bottom line is that multiple measures cause confusion. Different questions, scales, and sample demographics often lead to finger pointing. I've seen multiple surveys used in companies for self defense. Even though these surveys were performed in the same time period, the other variables noted above are more important to control to keep a consistent measurement. Multiple surveys performed by different organizations with different objectives create more problems than the solve. Don't do it!

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