Thursday, May 7, 2009

Web Site Customer Satisfaction Can Help Nonprofits

The ACSI surveyed 2,000 respondents who visited nonprofit websites. The basic finding is startling! They found that visitors to nonprofit websites are more likely to donate money, volunteer time and recommend the nonprofit to others if they are satisfied with their online experience.

While the average score for the nonprofit websites was 73 on the study’s 100 point scale, it was below other online industries such as online banking with a score of 83, E-Retail at 74 and automotive websites at 78.

Some of the specific findings that have particular value include:
1. highly satisfied visitors are 49% more likely to donate money to the non profit, and
2. highly satisfied visitors are 38% more likely to volunteer when compared to dissatisfied online visitors.
3. Satisfied web visitors are 66% more likely to use the website in instead of a costlier channel as the primary resource – thus providing a less costly channel for information and donations instead of the more costly direct mail and call centers

The key to the website success is functionality followed by image and content. With poor functionality nearly one third of donors chose not to give. Some of the other concerns were security and error messages.

The study found that 83% of those who donated online in 2008 donated as much or more than 2007. Finally, people who donate online tend to donate more than those who use other channels.

The bottom line is that nonprofits need too know about the value of their web site and make use of this information. The US is a giving country and in these tough economic times, our nonprofits that work so hard in providing services that the government chooses not to support need to utilize all the tools available to them. This is a tool that many of them will not be aware of its potential and value.

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