Saturday, December 21, 2013

Traditional Measures of Loyalty

The customer Institute recently uncovered the document with some excellent measures of customer loyalty. Unfortunately, there is no attribution to the writer of the document. The traditional measures of customer loyalty that are apparent in the market today include the following:

1. A loyal customer will patronize your business as opposed to all other alternatives.
2. A loyal customer will provide your business and natural, unsolicited, word of mouth recommendation to friends and strangers.
3. A loyal customer will be willing to pay just a small premium to patronize your business .
4. A loyal customer will recognize the business relationship as a meaningful personal relationship and not just a mercantile relationship.
5. A loyal customer will invest energy in the relationship both in the form of reputation validation , but also in personal engagement with the business.
6. A loyal customer will tell you when when something is going.
7. A loyal customer will not abandon you when something goes wrong, but gives you an opportunity to correct the shortcoming and to continue the relationship.
8. a loyal customer will wear your T-shirt or baseball cap and be proud of the Association.

The bottom line is that customer loyalty from a traditional perspective is based on relationship filled with positive feelings. . However, not every customer relationship will rise to this level of loyalty.  The traditional measures noted above change when customer loyalty is examined in the Internet age. This will be the subject of a future blog.

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